Last week, I went outside for a computer break, and two cats were out there having sex.  Surprising!  I’ve heard cats getting it on plenty of times, but have never SEEN them.  It was like National Geographic Penthouse Lite.

The sex looked unsatisfying, since the female seemed irritated each time (they were at it all day – everytime I went to the kitchen, which looks out to the yard – there they were), and the male got about 2 seconds of game time each round.

So naturally I went to my laptop and googled “cat sex.”  I was wondering why female cats are always yowling, because from what I was seeing, there wasn’t a whole lot to yowl about.

And I found this out:  A male cat’s penis is barbed.  BARBED!

From Wiki:

“A cat’s penis has a band of 120-150 backwards-pointing spines, which are about one millimeter long; upon withdrawal of the penis, the spines rake the walls of the female’s vagina, which is a trigger for ovulation.”


Ok, so a millimeter doesn’t sound too crazy, but still . . a National Geographic video I just watched mentions “100 tiny hooks – made of keratin, a tough fibrous protein, normally found in nails and claws. ”

Doesn’t sound that comfortable.

Roger has requested a photo of a barbed cat penis, so I will cheat and give you this faux pic created by National Geographic, my favorite porn creators.

I think it’s supposed to be a lion penis.  The domestic cat penisesesii I dug up were impressively unimpressive and might endanger the world-rocking excitingness of my cat penis journalismo.  Must protect.

Oh screw it.  Here’s a cat penis.


  1. Awesome!!!

    please post a picture of this barbed kitty dong

  2. I think a shark wang is barbed as well. Maybe cat vaginas are as hard as leather. Genital evolution is mother nature’s arms race.

  3. I’ve heard of a barbed tongue but YIKES!

  4. Haha, I don’t know why, but that was hilarious. I guess i remember seeing cats having sex in Greece and the lady cat kept running away… and now i know why. xD

  5. Wow, a cat penis is already shaped like a french tickler… those kinky cats!

  6. Photo #1: What’s up with the white cat? Too polite to watch? Disgusted and/or jealous? Wincing in pain from blue balls? Either way he’s waiting his turn.

    #2: Hey mom next time knock before you open the door!

    #3: Orange cat NOT politely waiting his turn, middle cat too busy to care.

  7. What’s next corkscrewed pigs penis?

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  10. I have been a cat owner/lover all my life, but did not have any knowledge, whatsoever, in this fieild (even having grown up on a farm, and seeing all types of animals mate.) Apparently, our barn cats were too polite to do it in front of us (don’t get me wrong– they were reproducing constantly!) Recently, a physician friend of mine (OB-GYN) was over, and upon seeing my male cat lounging on his back with hind legs open wide, asked where his penis was. I wasn’t so sure, so that’s when we did a search & found your site. Thanks for being truthful, yet humorous! By the way, in response to another posted comm ent I saw here, female cats howl like crazy when they’re in heat whether they’re doing it, or not! Question– You know how some neutered male dogs still hump things, even though they cannot reproduce? Well, has anyone seen masterbatory behavior out of their neutered male cats? One of mine loves to lick himself REALLY vigorously sometimes in the testes region. I wasn’t sure if he is truly “pleasuring” himself, or if this was just part of his OCD self-cleaning/ pattern (wich I LOVE about cats, by the way–God bless them for WANTING to be so clean and tidy– one of ours even obsesses about his toenails constantly with his bath ritual.)

  11. Isn’t kitty porn illegal?