There have been concerns of late for anyone who is or looks Chinese in France (whether they are tourists or locals), with the recent spate of robberies and attacks over the past year or so. Just earlier this week, we posted about a busload of Chinese tourists who were tear gassed and robbed in the carpark of their hotel. The Chinese Embassy in France have issued warnings indicating that the country is no longer safe for both Chinese tourists and Chinese-French:

“The greater Paris region has reported a series of violent muggings and attacks against Chinese tourists and Chinese-French,”

Now we have this, which validates this case even more. A 28 year old man in Southern France recently deliberately rammed his car into a group of Chinese students. 3 students were injured seriously – they were all in their early 20s ( 2 men and 1 woman), with the woman most seriously injured.

Police ended up arresting the man who did this disgusting crime, and prosecutors have ruled out terrorism. Although when they asked him why he did it, he claimed that he did choose to ram into the students, but hasn’t cited the actual reason. Really we can assume it is racially motivated. Also it was stated that the man had planned this act for an entire month. This is what prosecutors told the media about the man:

“What matters in this case is the psychiatric profile of the person,” 

“The individual arrested immediately after the event said he had been planning this act for a month.”

The man is described as a single man who lives in Blagnac, Southern France. There are also 10 prior convictions which are all non-terror related against this man. 

I will allow you to make your own judgements, but my 2 cents worth is that France is not a safe vacation destination for anyone really. If you remove the veneer of the romanticised view of France, then you can really see what an unsafe country it is for anyone, specifically anyone who looks Chinese or Asian. We will be targets. I feel bad for all the local Chinese/Asian French people who must feel the brunt of all of this.

I assume that this will be an ongoing story, so more to come~

Image via SBS News

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