So if you haven’t had the chance, I would recommend everyone go out and watch Kim’s Convenience. It is a comedy on CBC (Canada) based on the lives of a Korean American family who own a convenience store in downtown Toronto. I have watched it and it gives me so many laughs as well as nuances and themes which I could relate with having grown up in a middle class Asian Australian family. Anyways, I have written about this in September when it was just about to premiere, and in my usual fashion, I was extremely excited!

As it now just aired its season finale (December 27th), it has done extremely well with the ratings and CBC has ordered a second season! Yep, woohoo! This is all reported by Canadian media source, The Star:

The comedy series about a Korean-Canadian family that runs a Toronto convenience store has been renewed by CBC for a second season.

“Canadians have fallen in love with the Kims,” Sally Catto, CBC’s general manager of programming, said in a news release. “The series has struck a chord among viewers of all ages with its unique perspective and its authentic, relatable and hilarious take on family relationships.”

CBC says the first season has drawn an average of 933,000 viewers an episode — 39 per cent of them in the coveted 25 to 54 demographic — a more than respectable number for a homemade TV show.

Well, I for one will be looking forward to season 2, which will premiere in the fall (autumn) of 2017. 

Image via The Star

If you would like to read the full article, please click on: CBC orders second season of Kim’s Convenience