Canada is pretty much breaking it with regards to having more Asian content on their mainstream TV screens. Just recently their comedy sitcom “Kim’s Convenience” aired on Canadian TV, which is a comedy based on the lives of a Korean Canadian family who own a convenience store in Downtown Toronto.

And in just a few weeks time, Second Jen will air on Canada’s City TV (October 27) and this show is also breaking down barriers and ceilings. The main premise of the show is really looking at the lives of 20 somethings as they journey through life trying to make rent, falling in love and experiencing multiple life epic fails. It is really a show talking about the lives of many of us when we were in our 20s (for me this was quite awhile ago).

The other amazing thing about this show is that it stars two Asian Canadian women in leading roles. The comedy series are based on the lives of the creators Amanda Joy (Filipino heritage) and Samantha Wan (Chinese heritage). I will be extremely interested in catching this as I know I will be able to relate, being an Asian woman who was born and bred in Australia. I know I had many weird relationships, experimentation and epic life fails in my 20s, so don’t blame me if I am excited to catch this series. According to The Star, both Amanda and Samantha talk about the perils of going to casting calls and auditioning for acting jobs which was kind of the inspiration of them creating this series:

The two friends, tired of competing for the same roles in Toronto, decided they needed to create their own jobs.

“There was one time when we showed up for a Geisha girl casting and we just looked at each other and said, ‘What are we doing? We’re not even Japanese!’ ” laughs Joy.

The sitcom also tries to show that there is a diversity within the Asian community. One scene has the two friends hosting an “Asian” night.

“We were raised in Toronto and Vancouver, and it’s weird to me that TV doesn’t look like real life,” Wan says. “In the show we bounce between Cantonese and Tagalog. That’s something very normal you see in Toronto, but you don’t really see that on TV.”

The show airs on October 27 on City TV. Hoping the rest of us can watch it out of Canada!~

Images sourced via The Star

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