Dyne Suh has really put herself out there.

Feeling that she was a victim of discrimination, she has shared her story on social media and has been challenged and even abused and harassed by skeptics.

She may soon get some vindication.

Investigators in California are looking into a widely publicized alleged incident of discrimination against her by an Airbnb host.

Suh of Southern California has filed a formal complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

A video about the incident went viral on social media and was widely shown by news organizations in California.

“I am cooperating with an investigation into the incident by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing,” said Dyne Suh to AsAmNews. “They reached out to me and I wanted to help them enforce anti-discrimination laws in California. I think it is important to send the message that racism will not be tolerated in California, and that it will be taken seriously by the government. Because racism is so hard to prove, most people seem to get away with racist actions. Here, we have a smoking gun.”

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  1. Is this happened to an Asian man, no one would give a shit.

  2. She has a white boyfriend btw