LMAO are we really surprised by this? The British theater Royal Bath has come under fire with their “all white” season brochure (June 2018 – January 2019). It is pretty sad and pathetic that white faces seem to be the thing and the theater didn’t think that this is a fucking whitewash. There was no Asian, black or other POC face on the cover of the brochure which has been described as “our greatest line-up ever” – yeah with white people… LMAO WTF. The Stage UK continues this story:

This has prompted an uproar on Twitter, with campaign group Act for Change questioning whether Theater Royal Bath will “ever join the conversation” on representation and Act for Change founder Danny Lee Wynter describing the move as “wilful arrogance”.

Actor Daniel York said the line-up was “about as diverse as a cricket kit”, adding: “I grew up in Bath. It was a horrible place to be minority ethnic. We were pushed to the margins of the city and always made to feel invisible. They’ve never auditioned me in 28 years. Says it all frankly #Whitewash.”

Writer and actor Maryam Hamidi and actor Stephanie Stevens also criticised the brochure – describing it as “alienating”, “arrogant” and “ignorant”.

My 2 cents worth? I guess the Theater Royal Bath has a preference for whites and feels that theater should be about whites because they are the oh so important to the universe. This also shows how they do not see Asians, black or other POC actors as being important and significant – a common thing which happens all over the West. The Stage UK reached out to Theater Royal Bath and have not received a response – I assume there is damage control happening.

Image via Stage UK

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