What do y’all think of this? A Chinese restaurant worker from Essex (UK) was caught on camera hitting a customer over the head, when he came back to the takeaway store (Pearl Dragon) seeking a refund for his food delivery after complaining about it being cold and being delivered 1.5 hours late. The refund was for 40 British Pounds ( around $56 USD). The customer claims that after receiving his refund from another restaurant worker, he said he was pushed and then hit over the head. He tells the media he was stunned (via Daily Mail):

‘I was beyond shocked that it happened.

‘It took hours afterwards to sink in, thinking about what I did to provoke that kind of reaction but I know I didn’t deserve to be whacked,’

‘As a restaurant they should be taking care of their customers not taking it out on them when they don’t like something.’

There has been negative reviews on Trip Advisor as well for Pearl Dragon in Essex (via Daily Mail):

‘I thought that if other people have complained about their customer service, then if anything did happen, it would be something that others should want to know.

‘The same night I called them up just asking for an apology for what happened to me,’ he said.

‘They apologised about the food being cold and everything but didn’t even acknowledge that it happened (the assault).

‘It’s so unbelievable that they could treat their customers like this.’

An unnamed woman said outside the shop today: ‘We are seeking legal advice at the moment.

‘We won’t say anything until we have legal advice, we are happy to give an interview but not at the moment.

‘It is ongoing at the moment, it is early days, I’ll let him get on with what he wants and we’ll sort it out at our end.

‘I’m not saying anything at the moment.

‘You can just go until we have legal advice.’

My 2 cents worth? We do not know what else happened for this whacking to happen. I would say the takeaway has issues with customer service, and I wonder how long their business will survive after this. I do not know really what to think, but just wonder if anything else transpired to have this happen. It seems very random, so I wonder if the customer offended the worker somehow.

What do you think?

Images via Daily Mail

To read the entire article, please click on: Chinese takeaway worker is caught ‘whacking’ a customer over the head after he went to ask for a £40 refund because his delivery arrived cold and an hour and a half late


  1. I don’t understand why he didn’t just leave after getting his money. She clearly said she would give his money back. If you don’t like the service, don’t go there and leave a negative review. Don’t make a scene. I have received far worse service and never raised a ruckus like that.