Sometimes things get “lost in translation” with our Asian brethren and this Chinese bootleg edition of Breaking Bad season 5 is a good example of this.

Didn’t realize the show was as wacky and hilarious as this packaging makes it out to be (“Danger Funny!” indeed) or that it starred a Malcolm in the Middle-era Bryan Cranston and his sitcom wife, Jane Kaczmarek.

And if you’re not sure what Breaking Bad was about, let the blurb on the box fill you in:

“With the cancerous concern lonely man must use chemistry skill in making most potent of drugs methamphetamine. Danger and serious threat comes to man’s family to bring his to life to serious impact.”

And yes, I realize this has already been making the internet rounds for awhile now, but it’s Friday, damnit, and I’ll post what I want to.


  1. If they’re gonna do this, they should at least hire someone who is actually fluent in Chinese dialects and English.