50 year old Guo Wengui is a billionaire and a Chinese dissident who owns a $68 million apartment that overlooks Central Park is embroiled in a law suit against him for raping and holding a woman captive. 28 year old Rui Ma is the victim and was violated by this sick POS. Apparently, she was lured from one of his “Chinese based entities” to his company in New York to be his personal assistant – this excuse was used to trick her to coming and he then told her that she could not leave and was abusive towards her (according to the lawsuit). DNA Info continues this report:

“Over a period of several years [Wengui] carefully cultivated an image of himself as a cultured political dissident who stands up to — and exposes the rampant corruption within — the tyrannical government of the People’s Republic of China,” Ma charged in the suit.

“In fact, this crafted fiction serves not only to satisfy the ego of [Wengui] and those who affiliate with him; it further provides [Wengui] with a means to mask the campaign of intimidation and terror he unleashes regularly upon those few of his employees, like [the victim], who dare not submit themselves entirely to his domination.”

Wengui — who the suit claims also goes by the name Miles Kwok and owns a $68 million apartment in the Sherry-Netherland Hotel overlooking Central Park — has accused some of China’s top officials of corruption and is currently in living in New York on a tourist visa while he tries to get permanent residency, the New York Times reported on Sept. 7.

While portraying himself as a whistleblower, Wengui was “terrorizing” Ma, choosing when she could use her phone and computer, controlling her social media accounts, forcing her to work constantly with little sleep and calling her a “pig” and a “whore” whenever she made a mistake, she said in the lawsuit.

Wengui first attacked Ma inside the “cinema room” of his New York apartment, removing his pants before tearing at her skirt and battering her in the process, the suits says.

Soon after, he raped Ma after pressuring her to drink alcohol, the suits notes, though it’s unclear whether that incident occurred in New York.

“After this violence concluded, [Wengui] left [Ma] alone, bleeding in her bed,” the lawsuit states.

“[Ma] continued to live in constant fear of [Wengui] thereafter, remaining awake for as long as she could muster for fear that [Wengui] would again attack.”

He then raped her a second time before she was able to escape from his London home and flee to the Chinese Embassy, court papers stated.

So this dude is seriously an idiot and needs to be taken to the fullest extent of the law. A rapist is not needed in our society and our community – I will be keeping an eye on this to see what happens with the law suit.

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Images via DNA Info

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