Ten years ago tomorrow on April 11, 2003, MTV Films released a low budget indie film made by an unknown Asian American director and a lot of credit cards and the rest as they say is YOMYOMF history. The film was, of course, Better Luck Tomorrow, directed by our fellow Offender Justin Lin and its success is the reason why you are currently reading this blog.

Many of the current Offenders, including actors Sung Kang and Roger Fan, first came together because of the shared BLT experience and the soon-to-be YOMYOMF family was born.

And so on this milestone occasion, we’d like to take a moment to look back, remember and just say, “Shit, it’s been ten years already!”

Thanks to everyone reading for your continued support and we hope to be here in another ten years. In the meantime, check out some of our past blogs about BLT:

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Offender Roger remembers the late Roger Ebert and the role he played at Sundance in putting BLT on the map.

Offender Justin ponders the journey that started with BLT and the decision to make Asian American films despite advice to the contrary.

And if you want to get the real behind-the-scenes story behind the film, check out Linsanity director Evan Leong’s doc BLT: Genesis: