If there was anything people had to worry about for Chloe Kim, it wasn’t the contenders – and don’t get me wrong they’re all great (and it’s not like I’ll ever make it to the Olympics unless they make underwater basket-weaving a sport).

It was the hype.

It was whether or not she could get past her own butterflies on the largest stage where she already became a star without even competing – because not everyone can live up to the hype of being flawless. See Nathan Chen, who still contributed 7 pts to the US team who got a Bronze medal (and that’s something to be proud of), but still wasn’t flawless (and sure he can still redeem himself – but Asian Daddy says “You Still Fell And Caused The Team Shame”).


She qualified into the finals with a 91.50 and a 95.50.

First place.

And then in the finals with the Chinese snowboarders still contenders for the podium – with nothing being decided because no one won anything at that point – she dropped a 93.75 on her first run.

On her first run.


And that was all that was needed.

No one was able to best her.

But she still wasn’t done.

In her last run when she had already won gold, she went for back to back 1080’s.

Cause she wasn’t satisfied.

And her final score?


One more time.


Hype made good into Gold.


She also tweets and is fluent in three languages.