So this is either pathetic or just plain RACIST and a lack of respect and understanding of history. Minnesota basketball player REGGIE LYNCH is fighting an appeal to avoid expulsion from his team for sexual misconduct. His lawyer RYAN PACYGA recently spoke at a press conference in response to these sexual misconduct allegations against his client. He basically spoke about the apparent “hysteria” following the #METOO movement and all the sexual assault/rape/harassment cases coming out in public, particularly against all the high flying Hollywood and Tech industry executives and he somehow compared this to history and used the analogy over the “hysteria” of the Japanese American internment camps. This is what he said to be exact:

It’s a little bit like where there was all of this hysteria when World War Two started, and we had the Japanese internment camps, and everybody rushed out of fear to do something like that. And we look back now and we think, “Oh my god, what were we doing?” How wrong was that? To assume all of them guilty and a threat and everything else and lock them up, and that’s what we’re going to do. And it’s a little bit like that right now. Yes, is it as alarming? No, so it’s not a perfect analogy, like I said. But is the concern there that we’re in this hysteria right now, and we’re like shoot first and ask questions later and we’ll just deal with it? And so what if the Japanese-American really wasn’t a threat? Oh at least we felt better, we felt safer.

Uhhhhhh… yeah its fully shit in my opinion and its deluded to think that sexual misconduct can even be remotely linked to the Japanese American internment camps – it shows the lack of respect Pacyga has for Asians and more specifically the Japanese Americans who were imprisoned in the internment camps and all their descendants. Here are a few excerpts from the Deadspin article on this story:

Lynch has been found responsible in two cases of sexual misconduct by the University of Minnesota’s Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action office, with the EOAA recommending suspension in one case and expulsion in the other. Rather than accept the punishment, Lynch has requested panel hearings to appeal the recommendations.

According to Pacyga, who had the investigative reports in front of him and referred to them during the conference, both of Lynch’s accusers say their assaults occurred in April 2016. In the case that ended with Lynch recommended for suspension, he’s accused of non-consensual digital penetration, while in the expulsion case, he’s accused of both non-consensual “full-on” sexual intercourse and oral sex. Lynch denies not only the sexual assault accusations, but that any sexual contact occurred between him and either of his accusers.

You can watch the full hourlong video of Pacyga’s conference here, but above is the strangest minute, featuring a “Japanese internment camp” analogy for the “hysteria” caused by the Me Too movement and the increased public awareness of sexual assault.

Uhhh yes its shit… I will leave it here, but please let us know what y’all think.

Images via Deadspin

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