I’ve previously written about my love for Babymetal, the Japanese metal band consisting of members Moametal, Su-metal, and Yuimetal. The trio will move one step closer to world domination, which frankly is OK with me, with the announcement that they will star in a new web series combining animation and live action.

The project comes from Amuse USA and our good friends at Blue Ribbon Content (Warner Bros’ digital studio) and the description makes it sound batshit trippy in the best possible way:

…the girls will be playing themselves as they travel (via a portal, of course) back and forth from the animated realm that embodies the magic of heavy metal itself. In this incarnation, Moametal, Su-metal, and Yuimetal are a “warrior band” who have been called together by the god, Kitsune, to defend heavy metal from dark forces.

Take my money now.