I love Awkwafina (Nora Lum) as she is a don’t give a shit and do whatever your heart tells you type of person. She has an awesome career with some of her more recent work being in CRAZY RICH ASIANS and the upcoming OCEANS 8, and I just adore her quirky, nerdy yet cool persona and personality that she presents. She sat down and spoke with Forbes Online in their segment “Women @ Forbes” and she talks about how we should be proud if we feel “awkward” and that being focused and true to yourself is the way to build confidence and builds the path to success and reaching your goals. I love the stuff she says and even though most of us know these things and probably have been told many times in our lives, I always think it doesn’t hurt to be told it another 50 – 100 times. For many of us Asian women, we may feel (like myself) that we don’t fit into certain stereotypes and categories. We must remember that this is about us being ourselves and creating our own categories and journeys and not feeling that we need to fit into a certain box of expectations. Here is a few of her points from the Forbes interview titled: Awkwafina Explains How To Turn Awkwardness Into a Superpower:

1. Know yourself (and your limits).

Knowing who you are, what you want, and what you’re willing to do (or not do) can give you a huge advantage in any career, because it allows you to stay focused and keeps people from pushing you around. “I don’t care if people think I look stupid,” says Lum. “I know what I’m good at on camera…you have to be visually confident. If you are, it shows. You have to do what fits for you, and you need to know what you can’t do because it doesn’t look right and feel right.”

And you don’t have to have an existential identity crisis to get to that place. Consider the image you project to coworkers, bosses and your industry, and ask yourself if it feels true.

2. Being yourself is cool — even if you’re awkward.

Awkwafina’s look, glasses and all, embraces a culture of nerds and misfits. But the entire Awkwafina persona exudes the kind of confidence you don’t normally associate with nerds.

You’ve heard the old adage “confidence is cool.” That pretty much defines Awkwafina, and it’s what has helped her not only launch a rap career with viral hits like “NYC Bitche$” and “My Vag,” but also impress the casting crew of Ocean’s Eight and Crazy Rich Asians (the latter premieres later in 2018.) Her sense of humor also led to her collaboration with comedian Margaret Cho for the rap video “Green Tea.”

In terms of a larger-than-life, multifaceted personality, Awkwafina is a rare type. But that doesn’t mean someone with a slightly tamer version of awkwardness can’t reach the same level of confidence—and inspire others to do the same. “[You] have to do that thing that sets you apart,” she says, adding that “in doing that, you’ll also encourage younger people as well.”

3. Stop trying to impress everyone.

She also cautions against trying to mimic popular trends that don’t feel natural. In her case, she points to rappers whose music hasn’t evolved because it was only trendy for one time and place. The same could be true of sales, marketing, writing, and numerous other professions. Thanks to Silicon Valley, we’re fed images on a daily basis of what it “means” to be a tech startup in 2018. But does that image really fit with your business or personality? And will it stand the test of time?

If the answer is “no,” that may not be a bad thing—so long as you work to understand where you fit instead.

There are more to the interview and I just selected a few points and a few excerpts under the points because I feel we all should read it and interpret it ourselves and figure out how we can be true to our own-selves. Awesome interview indeed.

Image via Forbes

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