So I just wrote about Canadian comedy KIM’S CONVENIENCE with its first season on CBC reaching a huge viewership, with CBC ordering a second season. In another part of the world, and one which makes up a huge part of me, Australia – THE FAMILY LAW is doing exceptionally well with the filming of season 2 completed around about a month ago. I have spoken with a few of the main actors – Fiona Choi (who plays the matriarch Jenny Law) and Shuang Hu (who plays eldest daughter Candy Law), and without giving anything away, it will be an extremely riveting, humourous and meaningful season 2, which will be airing next year in Australia.

Anyways, some good news has come out of its success, as THE FAMILY LAW, has been selected to be on the list for The Best Of SBS 2016. THE FAMILY LAW is shown on the Australian TV network SBS which features many shows, so to be one of the top shows says a lot about the quality of this show. Ben Nguyen, SBS Channel Manager states that:

Remember that other all-Asian Australian comedy? No? But it wasn’t identity politics that made Benjamin Law’s memoir turned half-hour comedy series The Family Law a breath of fresh air, it was the acutely observed painful, funny and deeply honest insights into family life – of any colour.

 I have been a fan of it even before season 1 started filming and have followed its journey from day dot. I will continue to post more information about it as I hear of it, and please keep an eye out for some of the interviews I have done and will do with the cast of THE FAMILY LAW.

If you would like to read the full list, please click on: SBS Channel Manager Ben Nguyen selects The Best of SBS in 2016