Dr Tim Soutphommasane who is a friend and who is Australia’s outgoing race discrimination commissioner has used his remaining time in this position to really highlight issues of racism and the resurgence of far right politics in Australia. Soutphommasane has stated publicly that since he has taken office he did not expect the amount of race baiting going on with the rhetoric around African gangs and around the Chinese foreign influence debate. This is some of what he said at a speech at Western Sydney University (via SBS News):

“Race politics is back,”

“I wouldn’t have expected that the biggest threats to racial harmony would come from within our parliaments and media.”

“You see this in the way some media outlets regularly fawn upon far-right political commentators from North America,” 

“These avatars of white nationalism are typically lauded as ‘alt-right showmen’ or ‘alt-right provocateurs’.”

“There’s been no greater achievement for me than to have stood alongside so many Australians, from all kinds of backgrounds, in the successful defence of the Racial Discrimination Act,” 

“I’ve seen the power of anti-racism at work in communities across the country.”

A note I wish to make here is that over the last few years Soutphommasane who is a friend of mine has served in this position, he has attracted some of the worst racist filth I have ever seen on social media. I hope whoever takes over his position will be someone who will continue the work he has done and is someone who is a visible person of colour or Indigenous in Australia. Good luck Tim and to your promising future ahead.

Image via SBS News

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