When I first heard this news, I almost jumped out of my seat in absolute disgust because how can we have someone who is meant to live and breathe racism and discrimination claim that the problem doesn’t exist because he has never experienced it? Yups, the newly appointed position to replace trail blazer Dr Tim Soutphommasane, is a total white washed sell out who most likely will try and sweep everything under the rug. Soutphommasane, his predecessor, and my friend threw all the knives and daggers and really stood up against racism in Australia, despite the role of being Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner being Government appointed. Well with this new idiot, all that great work by Soutphommasane will be washed down the drain.

Lawyer CHIN TAN has just taken on his new appointment today and will have 5 years in this position. When it was announced he would be the new Race Discrimination Commissioner, he pretty much dismissed the idea that Australia is indeed a racist country – why? well because he has personally never experienced it. Tan is also a Victorian multicultural community leader – why, I still have no fucking clue. All I know is that he will be basically a doormat and will try his best to dismiss any race discrimination which happens in Australia. In other words, he is happy to be the mouthpiece to the Australian Government. Here are some words he shared with the Australian media that Australia doesn’t have a racism problem (this has since been deleted from the original Sydney Morning Herald article):

Here is more of what he has said:

“Calling out racism is very important, but I want to be very careful that we put things in context – because I do share a view that that can be overplayed sometimes,”

“It’s important to remember the race discrimination [commissioner] role is not meant to divide, it’s meant to enhance communities and strengthen them.”

Okay, I get that, but it is wrong to say someone calling out racism is “overplaying” – really why is he so dismissive? However, I am not surprised as he is a conservative Government appointment and the Australian Government wants to get away with fucking racist murder, so they need someone in a position to say that their racist actions and policies will be justified.

Again, I am so annoyed at this appointment and know that things for Asian Australians, Indigenous and all POC Australians will just get worse and worse with this Tan in the chair.

Images via Sydney Morning Herald

To read the original article, please click on: ‘Balancing’ act: Australia’s new race commissioner is not inclined to commentary or advocacy