Okay, I got to admit I am crazy, obsessed and one of the biggest fan of THE FAMILY LAW. Of course a lot of it is due to with the fact that it is pretty much an all Asian Australian cast, and I know personally and am friends with the creator of the book which the show is based on as well as with a few of the actors in it – and they are all lovely people!

So it is awesome news for me to say that Season 2 of this crazy Asian Australian family series will air in Oz on 15 June, at 8:30PM on SBS (Australia). I am so pumped about this as it is like just a great show which talks about family and all the problems and achievements which a family goes through.. and to see peeps who like like me?!?! woohoo!

Despite being in the US whilst this will premiere, you can bet my bottom dollar I will find a legal way of watching this next month!~

Images via SBS

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