Australian Senator and resident racist PAULINE HANSON is at it again this time using the killing of missionary JOHN ALLEN CHAU by the Sentinelese people as an excuse to push her “anti-immigration” and “keep closed borders” agenda. She plans to ask the Australian Senate  “to acknowledge the terrible impact immigration would have on the Sentinelese people”.

Now that may sound noble etc, but this is Pauline Hanson, who has also recently presented a Senate motion that states “IT IS OKAY TO BE WHITE”. So really, her intentions are not noble, but she is using this as an excuse to justify her racist and anti immigration agendas. 

Before I add my 2 cents worth, here is more from SBS News on this:

“I for one will not be condemning the Sentinelese as racist for keeping their borders closed, nor will I condemn them for their lack of diversity,” Ms Hanson told SBS News.

“The case of the isolated people of the North Sentinel Islands has highlighted a fact that many in this place are reluctant to admit. That immigration can have a devastating effect on a people’s culture and way of life,” she said.

“You would be hard pressed to find a single expert who would argue against protecting the Sentinelese peoples culture and way of life through limiting migration to their island. “

Announcing the Notice of Motion on Facebook, Ms Hanson said “it will be interesting to see if Labor and the Greens are willing to support a country with such harsh immigration rules. You would think they would be offended by the lack of diversity right?”

Okay, so here are my counter points:

1. The Sentinelese are Indigenous peoples to the island, hence they have the right to say who comes in and out. Applying this to Australia it means Indigenous Australians can decide who goes out, and I am pretty sure Hanson is on the “Out” list. It also means white anglos like her have no right to make this decision.

2. Hanson is a Racist, and is only using black, colored and Indigenous peoples to justify her agendas. She doesn’t care for anyone else but for racist and ignorant white Anglo Australians.

3. If John Allen Chau was a full white guy ( he is half Asian) she would most likely side with him. The fact that he is half Asian means “racial impurity” to her.

4. If Hanson is so passionate about protecting Indigenous peoples, then when has she ever spoken up in Parliament about Indigenous issues???

5. Australian politics have become a crock of shit if she is even allowed to make any statements in Parliament about this- really my tax paying dollars wasted on the pathetic red head.

So just a reminder, Hanson’s agenda has nothing to do with protecting the tribe, but its to stupidly use it to run her racist agenda. I will leave my piece here.

Images via SBS News

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