Why am I not surprised about this? Despite Australia’s world first laws which were instituted late last year restricting the travel of known pedophiles overseas. But that doesn’t mean that they do not try. Why this issue is important is because South East Asia is the haven where Australian pedophiles travel to exploit young children and manipulate their families. The law itself is meant to stop them from traveling into SE Asia.

But according to “Destiny Rescue’s” Tony Kirwan, founder of the charity which aims to fight sexual exploitation of children in Asia:

“There are many times we will go into the bars and brothels, the go-go bars, and there are Aussies there,”

“It’s one of the most common nationalities that we will find in these places.”

Kirwan’s charity has rescued over 3,000 children since 2011 from the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand and India, and stated strongly that he is still waiting to see the impacts of Australia’s world first legislation. I too am looking forward to seeing these disgusting Australian POS disappear from Asia. The problem is many Australian pedophiles ( 99% of the time men) have never been caught and/or convicted so this is how many can slip under the radar. Anyways, enough from me, here is more from SBS News:

But 29 registered child sex offenders have had their passports cancelled at an Australian airport since the new laws came into effect in December, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

More than half of those cancellations – or 17 passports – were from the last two months alone.

Despite the increase, the total number of cancellations was well short of the figure of 800 paedophiles travelling abroad a year – or two a day – cited by the government when introducing the legislation.

Despite the lag in formally processing cancellations, the department said registered child sex offenders were still being prevented from travelling abroad.

“It is now a crime for offenders to leave Australia without permission from law enforcement agencies,” a spokeswoman said.

“If they try to leave, they are stopped at the border and liable to up to five years in prison.”

I would say these laws are still not strong enough, even though they are needed, and more oomph needs to be placed to restrict not just convicted pedophiles but also suspected ones…. and maybe even stop these sick POS from going to go go bars and brothels… I think this extreme measure should be implemented. Anyways, I will leave my piece here.

Images via SBS News

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