So do you guys remember that piece of shit Brendt Christensen who has been charged for the kidnapping of Chinese international student scholar YINGYING ZHANG from the University of Illinois? Well it appears that now the lawyers defending him have asked to withdraw their services due to the fact that the 27 year old POS can’t afford their legal services.

I highly doubt you would forget this case considering it made national news back in June. Till this day, Zhang has not been found and is presumed dead. However, there have been reports coming out stating that she may still be alive – with theories popping up that she has been kidnapped into the global sex trafficking trade. Her kidnapping by Christensen and her subsequent disappearance even prompted the FBI to mount their investigations. For now, her whereabouts – dead or alive is still unknown. 

The Chicago Tribune reports that Christensen’s defense lawyers Tom Bruno and his sons, Anthony and Evan Bruno have asked to withdraw their services from defending Christensen who may face a death penalty case as he is unable to afford the additional legal charges. The lawyers claim that both them and Christensen have agreed that he should get a court appointed defense lawyer. The Chicago Tribune continues:

Tom Bruno and his sons, Anthony and Evan Bruno, say in a federal court filing that 27-year-old Brendt Christensen can’t afford to pay them for what could become a death penalty case if there are additional charges, and that they and Christensen have agreed that he should have a court-appointed defense lawyer.

A hearing on the motion is scheduled for Friday. Christensen is being held in the Macon County jail in Decatur. His trial is set for February.

Yingying Zhang disappeared June 9, weeks after arriving at the central Illinois campus. Investigators believe the 26-year-old is dead, but her body hasn’t been found.

Images via Chicago Tribune

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