I went to my favorite chinese food the other day.  Felt a bit grouchy and tired because I was worn out from a early morning hill run with my boys.  Either way I was hungry for some MSG laced Orange Chicken.  I sit down with two of my favorite people in the world and notice a family of four a few booths away.  Two women and a two little girls, say 5 and 8.  The women were loud talkers.  You know, they think the whole world should hear their babble at DOLBY 5.0 Surround sound levels.  “Whatever”, I thought.  I know these these types.  The little ones were cute, the 8year old waved and I waved back.  Then the 5 year old started to yell.  Not a cute yell, but a I’m going to die YELL!  Hey, kids yell, I get it.  I don’t blame the kids, their kids…but the women kept up with their nonsense chit chat never once addressing the screaming child.  15 minutes went by.  All the patrons including my friends were affected by this screaming child.  But not the two yapping women. I looked to the waiter and manager, even to my friends.  But I think folks have become very passive aggresive these days.  Enough!  I yelled “Hey, hey, hey… let’s keep the screaming under control!  Your not the only one’s here!”  Then just like that the screaming was over and just like that they were out the door.  No apologies, but just out.  Now, I love kids.  A lot.  I love how hey are so care free. I love playing with kids, it’s so honest and pure.  But what the hey, no need to leave them screaming for dear life!  I did feel a bit of guilt after I thought about it.  But some people need to be policed.  I’m pretty sure those women will think twice before they let that child scream for 15 minutes in a public place.  Maybe that’s the trade off.  Feel like a asshole for a bit and save the rest of humanity from Assholes.

Ok this one you’ll like.  I go the bathroom, single use only on this place.  I wait, say 7minutes…felt like an hour because I had to pee so bad.  Finally the guy comes out.  I rush in, no urinal, just toilet.  ARGGHHH!  the guy packed the toilet with paper and his crap.  Really packed it.  Then left it.  Just left it.

I went out side and saw the guy sitting at the waiting area for a table.  “hey did you just use the bathroom?”  ‘Yeah, you got a problem?’ “Yeah I got a problem you #*$&ing asshole?!  There are children here.  You &#$ing pig!”  ‘What you going to do about it?’ “Let’s go outside asshole!”  ‘Hey man, what’s the big deal?’ “#&Y$ you!  You #$*ing pig!”…  Then he walked out.  My friend asked if I would of done that if he was a 6’5 huge dude.  Yeah probably.  Would’ve gotten my ass beat but still a cause worth fighting for.  I’m sure the poop leaver will think twice went he shits in a public bathroom.

OK feeling much better.  ADIOS!


  1. Holy shit…I need you to come with me when i eat out sometimes. Or at least to the restroom.

  2. You would destroy Super Nanny

  3. Awesome! You’re just like MEEEEEE! Only I guess you’re an Asian man. We do it for the love, you know?

  4. May you never do drugs. LOL.


    People forget how to act properly… maybe they need to be reminded that others live here too. Cool.

    RE the screaming children thing: There is a train of thought that says children screaming or throwing tantrums are just craving attention… even bad attention and that they should be ignored… that they will eventually stop.

    Hell no. If I even thought of some ill behavior, one look from mom or dad promised big bad retribution in a time and place with no witnesses. Hell no. It’s called “very effective deterrents”… or FEAR.

  5. Tolerance… we are all tested sometimes and that’s what keeps us knowing more about ourselves. We need a push and a shove to get us ticking… good or bad.

  6. Everyone, do not go to the bathroom by the track if you go jogging at UCLA. This story reminded me of the visual rape I encountered upon entering that hellscape. Some things you simply cannot unsee.

  7. when you have kids you learn to tune them out when they are yelling. They just doing it to show off but in the wrong way. and cause you did what you did the next time it will be worse cause they seen how to get under others skin.

    but there is also ways to shut your kids up when out. mine dont act like that they know better. And they were to old to be acting like that. Thats bad parenting

    and the bathroom dude was nasty as Hell. i would of put him on spot to

  8. I think it’s awesome that you spoke up for public toilet rights!!! I’m going to grow a pair and start doing that from now on. No fear.

    I hate it when parents ignore their screaming and/or out-of-control kids. They grow accustomed to it because it happens at home or other places that tolerate loud children (playgrounds, schools, play dates). They need to reminded that there are places where it is NOT okay!

    You are my hero (this week).

  9. I’m proud of you on both counts. Will you sit next to me on my next plane flight and make the screaming children shut up? =)

  10. I think you did the right thing.

  11. i had to read this topic to my boyfriend because he is constantly by my side when i speak up… i think there is only so much we should take and people should have respect for others. i am constantly making people be aware of their lack of respect for others, especially in the movie theatre. i believe if we all learned how to speak to others when they are out of line or being disrespectful then they will be aware of their actions next time… in the case of the loud children, it was the parents role to discipline their children but its so sad that a stranger has to discipline “adults…” good going because now u’ve helped me make my boyfriend realize im not the only one who does things like this… dont get me wrong, not ever situation deserves to be called out and at times we should be patient… i think we all know when to speak up and when not to…

  12. I think you were wrong on both accounts Sung.

    Why not mind your business? If you felt the need to go somewhere quiet, than go to your restaurant. Who are you to tell someone their kids are too loud or that they are talking to loud.

    With the bathroom, Mind your business, how did you conclude that they guy did that? How did you know that maybe he didn’t do it but was just washing his hands and saw the same thing you did?

    You’re a very selfish person and must realize everything isn’t about Sung. The world doesn’t revolve around you and what you feel. That was very rude and tacky of you.

    I like you as an actor but you have a messed up attitude

  13. And with a moniker beginning with “offender”, exactly what were you expecting Nicole?

    Sung’s environment IS his business.

    If you want to “turn the other cheek” and let others mess up the air and sanitary conditions around you, let them take away your peace of mind and enjoyment of your environment with their bad behavior and their noise, that is YOUR choice… kindly don’t push your choice on anyone else. YOU are the rude one here… Sung’s attitude is just fine… at least he looks to improve himself and his environment in active ways and not let others kick and shit and piss on him.

    Doesn’t look to me like the world revolves around you either.

    Sung, you always rock big in my world. Um… have I qualified for my “offender” badge yet? You’ve got the address. lol.

  14. Your Majesty, I am there with you…

    Sung, I’m like you, I can overlook a lot, but there are some things that need to be called out.

    I say this as the parent of a 4-year-old boy who can really be a handful at times. It is draining, but we are working really hard on having him use an appropriate voice and remember that the universe does not really revolve around him.

    @Tresalyn….kudos to you if you get to be an “offender.” I’m a teacher, and I’d better not be an O ’cause I’d say something to get me fired by the school board, lol.

  15. Sung you rock! Good on you for standing up for your rights. I get so sick of people been so passifist and not taking responsibility for how they feel or there actions. I think those mothers maybe shouldn’t have been out in public even without their kids. The guy from the loo…. how rude and disgusting. I have to clean the loos at my work and it’s always the guys loos that I have to deal with that kind of thing and some of the male chefs smoke in the staff loos which make it evn worse.

  16. Good job.

    Unfortunately, as you know, it can sometimes be unwise (in a self-preservation kind of way) to be confrontational in public these days. Some people just “lose it” and totally over-react and they bring and use knives and guns when it is a simple notice to them that they did something wrong. I don’t think bullet-proof vests are part of your daily wardrobe. My wife gets worried when she sees me start to get annoyed/aggravated because I also tend to try and correct public displays of inconsiderate/wrong behavior in others.

    I try to remind myself that those inconsiderate/dumbass people that we encounter on a daily basis will behave that way ANYWAY and I should be more mindful of my duty/responsibility to my family FIRST….which means staying safe & alive another day, every day….and to at least keep them out of the line-of-fire. Doesn’t always work, but I’m working on it and making progress. Baby steps. Heh. :-/ 😮

    I’ve been to some places where the toilets don’t flush as well as they really should…..especially with the IDIOTIC “low-flush/water-saving” (NOT) toilets. You wind-up flushing 2-3x or more (thereby WASTING MORE WATER than would have been used with a “standard” toilet flush) because stuff just doesn’t “flush” the first time. Sometimes they get clogged because of the lack of enough water flow. You can’t exactly “wait an hour” for the water level to trickle back down and re-flush & pray, and most places don’t equip the toilets with a publicly accessible plunger…..so you wind-up “abandoning” the clog. It’s somewhat embarassing, but when that’s happened to me, I make an effort to try and alert management that the toilet needs attention.

    Yeah…..we need to speak up for the betterment of society, but we also need to “chill” so that we can breathe and see the sunrise and enjoy the happy innocence of the children around us.

    Good Luck!! 8-D