It seems Asians in France share the same problems as we do too.

A France-based non-profit organization called ‘Asiatiques de France’ or ‘Asians of France,’ produced and posted the video above to showcase the racial identity issues that Asian French people face on a day-to-day basis.

Here’s the description for the video:

Une vidéo pour renverser les préjugés. Pour rappeler que les Français d’origine asiatique sont des Français à part entière. / “A video to reverse prejudice. To remind that the French of Asian origin are full French.”

The idea was sprung by journalist Hélène Lam Trong, who is working on a documentary on French actor Frédéric Chau, when she met up with fellow French Asians in a cafe. They showed her an APIA Vote PSA featuring George Takei, who was encouraging Asian Americans to vote in the last election. Trong was inspired to produce a similar video for France, but to tweak the messaging to focus on French citizens of Asian descent to be recognized as French in their own right, and not as ‘the Other.’

It’s gone viral since being posted last month and hopefully, this inspires the Asiatiques de France group to do more content like this and inspire a movement! In the meantime, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.