Just as I was going to write about something else, a Facebook status update alerted me to check out this Youtube video popping up on Queerty:


Apparently it’s getting a lot of hits… and I’m queerious to find out who’s Luanlegacy? So I checked out his first video:


He certainly has come a long way from the first video he posted a year ago. Different hair… different look. Better performance?


And then he started picking up a more ghetto black accent about 6 months ago. Where could it come from? “Shit’n On You Hoe?”


OMG and then he had his first dance performance where he choreographed a ballet piece and was trash-talking how cheap his high school was. The piece was an amusing attempt at choreography with lots of bloopers. But oops… I guess the video got removed for some reason:

But then I guess he’s not Kyle Hanagami:

And I started watching Kyle Hanagami’s latest video about his adventures in Tokyo. The video touches on issues of being HAPA, being Japanese and the dance industry in Japan. It’s aptly titled “My Life as a Choreographer”:

Although I’m missing the piece… guess it’ll be Kyle’s the next video.

For the lack of Asians or Asian Americans in Hollywood, we certainly get a healthy injection of us on Youtube—the good, the bad and the ugly. We’re all there. And c’est la vie.


  1. He’s all kinds of awesome.

  2. True… Asians are awesome!

  3. I second the “Asians are awesome” comment! 😀