Who is this guy?

Next Shark has posted video taken by an ACLU eyewitness of an Asian man among the White Supremacists in Charlottsville, VA.

At first the women who took the video really wasn’t sure if the man was with the marchers or just happened to be in the same area.

Full Story and videos here


  1. So I guess now, he will be treated like shit. First of all are they real White Supremacists that he is walking beside? The left is just as much to blame for the troubles that is going on. But You Offend Me loves to blame Trump on everything. Freedom of speech is being eroded by left wing Universities and other institutions. Students need “safe spaces” because they can’t handle society. Good luck to them trying to progress in the employment field. Trump is NOT anti-Asian or any other nationality. He came out and said that he is against white supremacists and anti-race. He, like the majority of the U.S. citizens want peace. Any legal citizen in the US, is protected. I really don’t believe any Asian person who is a legal citizen needs to worry. A lot of fake news out there. The other problem that may cause Asians and other minorities to worry is, the United States does not want open borders. Immigrants coming into the country must be vetted properly. Most Canadian citizens don’t want open borders either. However our prime minister allows everyone in, no matter what statues they have. It is increasing our taxes, our health care system is now in disrepair and citizens who have paid taxes for 60 years are treated like dirt. Illegal immigrants get better health care than Canadian citizens. So how do you think we should feel?