WARNING: I struggled to watch this video, so I will add a warning that this is pretty horrifying and gruesome.

This is so horrifying and sickening, and I hate to see our fellow Asians doing stupid and dumb shit like this. A video has been going viral online with an Asian guy (who media reports is Chinese) and his friend approach a kangaroo who appears to have an injured leg. His friend films the sick and horrifying actions of the dude stabbing and slashing the kangaroo’s throat with the poor thing crying in pain. This all happened somewhere in the Australian bush. RSPCA NSW (my home state) are currently investigating this, but still have no clue where and when this video was taken.

As the kangaroo tries to escape, this pathetic excuse of an idiot grabs the kangaroo’s tail, snarls and laughs at its suffering before commencing the stabbing and slashing with a hunting knife.

Seriously I do not care what creed, colour or religion you are – if you kill animals like this for no reason, then you deserve every bad oman possible. This man has serious issues and he needs to be found and prosecuted. What a sick fuck.

Images via Daily Mail

To read the full article, please click on: Sickening moment Chinese man stabs and slits a kangaroo’s throat 18 TIMES in Australian bush – as his laughing friend films the cowardly attack


  1. Don’t know what the context was. But anyone who is familiar with animals knows that sometimes it is necessary to put them down and it appears that this animal was gravely injured. However a knife is not the way to do it. He should’ve called a game warden. They usually shoot or euthanize it. The animal was already severely hurt as you can see but we don’t know what caused that injury.