I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise in #2017. We are merely just at the start of the year and I get tagged by a friend in a Facebook post of a racist incident against an Asian Australian.

According to a post made by Kevin Yip, he was driving at Camp Cove which is at Watson’s Bay (affluent area near downtown Sydney). A white Australian woman yelled out from her car window towards Kevin:

You must of come here by boat , go back to your own country !!!

It appears the apparent dispute was over a parking spot. As the Facebook post doesn’t have the exact details, I would say Kevin took a parking spot which this racist woman wanted. According to the post, she used the excuse that she had children in the car, and accused Kevin of stealing the parking spot.

It is pretty disgusting that in this day and age that this shit still goes on. I mean where this happened is quite an affluent and culturally diverse area (Eastern Sydney suburbs), but I guess old habits die hard and this woman was just looking for a reason to push her “privilege”. Interestingly, Kevin states in his post, she had an accent, (looks like from Europe somewhere), soooo…. maybe she also needs to go back to where she comes from.

Kevin’s post has attracted over 200 likes and 52 shares. Feel free to name and shame this racist woman!

Images via Kevin Yip’s Facebook