I thought this was just an article of interest and one which we do not need to have critical thoughts on nor feel angry about. It is a feel good post and I am sure one many of us enjoy looking at. I must admit I love looking at other people’s wedding pictures on Instagram and on Facebook because it allows me to reminisce on my own wedding back in 2014. For a woman, getting married is a blissful, yet stressful time (of course speaking from experience). Anyways, influential fashion blogger, 28 year old  Nicole Warne of the popular fashion and beauty blog  Gary Pepper Girl recently wedded her now husband photographer Luke Shadbol in New Zealand. The wedding took place on the South Island and from the pics you can see how familiar it looks to The Lord Of The Rings scenery. Warne was interviewed by a few fashion media outlets about the prep that went into preparing for the big day and wow it is pretty extreme but interesting to read at the same time. Here are some excerpts from the News.com.au article on this:


Warne has been going to Sydney-based celebrity facialist Melanie Grant, whose clients include Cate Blanchett and Lara Bingle, regularly for years. But a month out from the wedding, she committed to three treatments a week.

These included a once-a-month deep cleanse, microdermabrasion, custom lactic acid and niacinamide or enzyme peels, Vitamin infusions of a customized cocktail of actives, light therapy, facial massages and masks.

She even had a facial on the morning of her wedding.

“Melanie came over and we did a quick facial,” Warne wrote. “This isn’t normal and I don’t recommend it if you don’t know without a doubt what your results will be, but I felt radiant.”


Warne said she normally exercises three times a week with a trainer doing a combination of Cross Fit, cardio and weights.

“Four weeks before the wedding, I started working with my personal trainer Scott Madden of Body Movement to target specific areas. I wanted to tone arms, armpits, abs, and butt. I committed to three classes a week, plus two private sessions, focusing on lifting heavier weights,” she wrote.

A month out, she started private Pilates lessons with Kirsten King at Fluidform in Sydney’s Waterloo.

She also took regular baths and had massages.


Warne has been on aplant-based, caffeine-free diet for the past 2 years “by choice” and is also gluten intolerant. So she stuck to her regular healthy diet.

“A month out, I cut out refined sugars, alcohol, and whole grains. I lived on a diet of plant-based protein, vegetables, some complex carbs, fruit, and natural fats.”

She saw a naturopath, took a bunch of different supplements and did a weekly session of Vinyasa yoga or Bikram to help “decompress and centre my thoughts”.

There is more to it, but for all those ladies and lads ready to get married, this is a great article to read if you want to look your best on your special day. 

Images via news.com.au

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