I am an avid Olympics watcher, and even when I am working it is on in the background engaging me with some of the exciting winter sport events. Of course I am celebrating every time an Olympian who is Asian or who is Asian background wins a medal or performs well. In addition I have seen quite a number of eye candy ( and again I emphasize this is eye candy in my personal opinion). To commemorate my perving eyes, I have listed 10 Asians/Pacific Islander (this one for obvious reasons) winter Olympians to check out and enjoy the view. Of course there are probably more – and I hope readers will alert us to others who I may have left out of this list ( to of course make another), but here is my top 10 shortlist of hot, hunky Asian and Pacific Islander male winter Olympians.


I came across Liu after watching the short track speed skating events, supporting the Asian Aussie who was also competing. Liu hails from Hungary and was born to a Chinese father and a Hungarian mother. As soon as he took off his speed skating helmet, well, my eyes were bulging at its sockets. He is a top short course speed skater in Hungary and placed 3rd in the 2016 World Championships. 


One of the top Japanese Mogul skiers, he crashed in the semis and failed to make the finals, but seeing his picture and then later him with a beanie, well I was also overwhelmed. Being ranked in the top 10 in the world for this winter sport and with that floppy, under hair shaved head with some stubble, he definitely is the epitome to me of a very attractive Japanese man.


He won a Bronze medal in the men’s moguls last night and bought home Japan’s first medal at these winter games. Being one of the lower ranks of the Japanese men in this sport, he prevailed and came out on top. Only 20 years old, this is the first time he has won a medal at any championship and what a first great one to win. To me he won my heart as he is really cute with nice skin and nice facial features. When he found out he won the Bronze medal, well, he was elated and I thought that was so cute!


I am adding Jung here as he is by far my favourite. Also being a fellow Aussie, I couldn’t not add him to this list. Representing Australia in the short course speed skating, Jung is a medal hope. He just missed out on making the finals in the 1,500 m event over the weekend, but he is only 20 years old, and still has his pet favourite event the men’s 500 m in a few days time. Moving to Australia with his family at 12, Jung has moved back to South Korea as an adult to train and to get in touch with his identity. He has this cute boyish looks, which I find extremely attractive, don’t you agree?


He just bought home the gold for Team Canada in the figure skating at these Winter Olympics. He has had his downs and obstacles with his performance over the past year, but I am pretty sure winning the gold for team Canada has really brightened his spirits. He is tall, slender and has a face of gold – humble and very handsome. Gets a 10/10 on the looks part for me.


A cross country skier Magnus, chose to be part of the Korea team instead of the Norwegian national team, which is part of his heritage and where he mostly grew up. He has a very masculine look and there are hot pictures of him in a man bun which I find very rugged and of course hot as hell!


At only 18, Chen is part of Team USA in the figure skating. Here are his stats via Angry Asian Man: 

In 2016, he became the youngest U.S. man to medal at the ISU Grand Prix Final at age 17. At the 2017 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, he became the first man in figure skating history to land five quadruple jumps in a single performance. He attempted six quadruple jumps in a free skate at the World Championships in 2017 and may surprise us with another attempt on the Olympic stage.

He is a bit young for me (as all the hot Asian dudes I have mentioned are thus far), but it is legal for me to say he is really cute, smart and hot in every way. I heard him speak to the commentators as well and he is a complete sweetheart!


I was actually tagged by a few ladies to pictures on his page, so I checked it out and oh boy what a hunky Filipino man, Martinez is! Based in Los Angeles, Martinez is a figure skater competing at this year’s Winter Olympics. Again, I love his under hair shave look and his suave and perfect physique!


Probably slightly more closer to my age, but not really.. lol… Celski is 27 years old and is part of Team USA for the short course speed skating. Here are his stats via Angry Asian Man:

In his Olympic debut at the Vancouver Winter Games, he claimed bronze in the 1500m (alongside teammate Apolo Anton Ohno, who won silver), and bronze as part of the 5000m relay. Four years later in Sochi, he led the U.s. men to a silver finish in the relay final — the only medal won by the U.S. short track or speed skating team at the Sochi Olympics.

Just look at him. Not much more to say but yes oh yes!


This guy needs no introductions. And where ‘Pacific Islanders” are not included in the category of “Asians” in Aussie definition, I do know in the USA he would be included in the AAPI category (Asian American Pacific Islanders). But regardless he needs to be mentioned having marched into the Winter Olympics shirtless and oiled up, like he did at the Rio Olympics, and really won the night. Being the jack of all trades, Taufattofua is the first Tongan to ever qualify for the cross country skiing and I am pretty sure he will be shirted up for his event.


What do you all think? Did we miss out on anyone? If we did, please let us know, as we will do another list coming towards the end of the Winter Olympics!


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