So let me welcome all of you to the effed up world of Trump, because this seems to be happening more often than none. NextShark reports that Jon Nguamsanith, a Laotian American men’s grooming shop manager in Virginia, was taking a smoke break, when all of a sudden some white dude randomly starting yelling towards him:

‘Get the f*ck out of my country!’ 


‘I would kill all you mother f*ckers!’

Unsure whether this out of nowhere abuse was towards him or just some crazy white dude yelling randomly, Nguamsanith asked him who he was talking to. Clearly it was targeted at him as this racist white dude started moving towards Nguamsanith and he had to call the other guys to come out of the shop in case something violent happened as there was no security around. NextShark continues:

To get more context of what happened, NextShark reached out to Nguamsanith. He explained:

“I manage a men’s grooming shop within ten feet of where I was smoking a cigarette and I hear the white gentleman yelling, ‘Get the f*ck out of my country!’ but was unsure who he was talking to being that there were three other guys sitting outside.

“Then he yelled out, ‘I would kill all you mother f*ckers!’ so I asked him who he was talking to. He then got up off his chair and said I’m talking to you. At this time I was not recording. He then proceeded to walk my way and I warned him not to walk towards me. That’s when I called my guys out the shop just in case he decided to get violent since security wasn’t around. That’s when I decided to record everything just in case I had to defend myself.”

According to Nguamsanith’s account, the man allegedly said that he voted for Donald Trump and that hewas going to “take care of all you motherf*ckers” before security finally showed up. Eventually the man walked off but was arrested by the police soon after.

“Security just asked for my name and number,” Nguamsanith said. “As far as I know this idiot was probably released for disturbing the public and not charged with making threats or attempting to assault me.”

Nguamsanith and his family immigrated to Reston, Virginia in 1979 and says he’s never experienced this kind of treatment in his life.

This is so disturbing and unprovoked. You wonder if this racist white dude was drunk or crazy, but at the end of the day racist tirades like this is completely unacceptable.

Images via NextShark

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  1. I give that guy credit, he would have knocked that racist out