The “Unite the Right” rally/protest is taking place today in Charlottesville, VA and has already resulted in violent clashes. And by the “right” that’s being “united” in this case, we’re referring to white nationalist (literal) Nazis ’cause that’s what the “right” has apparently become under Trump.

Asian Americans react on Twitter (UPDATED THROUGHOUT THE DAY):


  1. Dangerous National Nemesis
    By Edwin Chen

    America is burning again in another violent racial war. The President is powerless, helpless or just incapable of uniting our nation in the face of the imminent resettling of old discriminating scores; it is as if, he is just stalling and patiently waiting for more “White Power” politics to be accepted or adored. The people are desperately fighting against a growing tide of White Nationalist Supremacy in this land; its virally infectious messages are no longer considered really obscure or impure to the increasingly more common disenfranchised white man; now their movement of defiant hate, is grossly growing ever more grand. It is time for the righteous members of our communities to take to the streets, and finally make a united stand! Enough of the bullying, defensive, embittered, and inferiority complex triggered, aggressive alt-right torch-lit marches meant to make their numbers appear much bigger. Their ignorance and messages of hate, blocks the love, light and hope that leads humanity to progressively inspire, innovate and passionately procreate. It is not too late to show that we are not afraid of White Nationalist Supremacists, that are clearly the more obvious and presently dangerous national nemesis. My people’s BLOOD is a part of this nation’s SOIL! You will not continue to abuse, exploit or beat my people to death like in our nation’s past, and then symbolically use them up as if they were a mere commodity to be exploited like a bottle of oil, that is squeezed to the very last. The good people of this American land, shall rally, organize and form a solid resistance, in order to face this hateful tide of xenophobic, nativist and “White Power” persistence.

  2. This focus on “white supremacists” is stupid. All of the racism I have ever experienced was from your average everyday mercan, not a kkk member or nazi. White libs and cons are the vast majority of the US population, not this collection of cretins numbering just 500. When you have 300 million people who are either racist against you or ignore racism against you and you focus on 500 idiots who have done nothing to you, you are just an imbecile.