Talk about being a fucking RACIST. A Facebook friend of mine, writer and actor Katharin Mraz. As an actor, writer and film producer, she would have networked with people from all over the shop, and her card at some point over the years may have fell into the lap of a man named  Jonothan Newman. The key word here is “May have” as Mraz has no clue where she met him. She had to actually Facebook search his name to find out who he is. Anyways, this saga started when she received a random phone call from a Chicago number, after a long day of filming and being on set. The phone call Mraz received was a little weird as she heard some heavy breathing and even after saying hello heard no response, then it hung up.

She later got a text from this number asking how she knew that Newman guy, and after replying with the usual “who is this” type reply, Mraz received a text ack pretty much calling her a prostitute and had her life threatened by text. It is very bizarre and obviously this white woman was a fucking RACIST – probably assuming Mraz is a prostitute because she is a woman and is Asian. It is sad because this shows all the abuse, assault and harassment we Asian women receive.

Here are a few more excerpts from Mraz’ Facebook post on this:

Then they decided to write back “Wanna play games? I’ll SLAY YOU.” Did this person just threaten me?

“I don’t have time for games” was my quick response, because I don’t have time for games. Anyone that knows me knows I have time to work, eat, and sleep. I rarely even get to see my husband and daughter. I was starting to feel my heart beat out of it’s chest. My mind was racing. Who was this person! I felt afraid, and being targeting for being someone I’m not. I started freaking out.

Another messages came back in, and they wouldn’t drop the topic.

“Verbally assisting people is actually very helpful. Maybe learn English first” (she wrote without proper punctuation). That was followed up immediately with “So you’re an escort?” I started to fear for my safety at this point. It felt like some MAN was targeting me, and just wouldn’t stop.

“Excuse me?” I texted.

Another photo of my business card. Why does this person keep sending me photos of my old business card from 2009. One I haven’t handed out to anyone in least 2-3 years?

They go on.

“You’re an escort”



That’s when I had had enough and told them, “Ok, well time to call the cops on this bullshit. You threatening me!” Note, I didn’t not take the “I’ll SLAY YOU” lightly. Especially after all these crazy texts. This seemed to be coming from some Perv who just woudn’t let it go.

“Whatever you want to call yourself” they wrote.

My response, “So this is your hobby, verbally assisting (assaulting was spellchecked again) women you never met. That you make assumptions about”

“I have[n’t] threatened anything Honey. Call the cops. On what? You selling yourself which is illegal in this state. Let me help you”

Despite the fact that I recognize that this is not a unreasonable person I’m talking to, I still mention “Sure, I’m selling art direction” which is my main job currently, outside of acting.

After doing significant research on Facebook she found out that she had some mutual friends with this Newman guy. He was a chef in Chicago and had a few mutual friends with Mraz including other actors, models and industry peeps, but Mraz was not a Facebook friend of his. Clearly her business card must have landed somehow at some point with Newman or others associated with him. Doing more digging, Mraz got to the crux of the person who has harassed and threatened her – and even called 911 on her. The person was Amie* M*linowski from searching the number. The name rang a bell because she saw this name on Newman’s Facebook page. Who she is – Mraz has no clue – all she has assumed is that M*linowski could be a jealous wife or girlfriend of Newman and has used Mraz as a scapegoat.

My take is? Mraz doesn’t deserve the shit that she received. Newman or an associate of his at some point got hold of her business card from some networking event or opportunity over the last few year and M*linowski assumed she was a prostitute from a business card? This is where I feel the racism comes in as she targeted Mraz for no reason, so the only thing I can think of is that she assumed Mraz was a prostitute because of the negative stereotypes attached to Asian women. I am angry at this shit, so imagine how Mraz feels receiving these texts for no reason… I will leave it here.

Images via Katharin K Mraz

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