I will add a trigger warning to this post because reading it I feel it may traumatize people, so if you continue to read please note this. I was abhorred after reading the Facebook post of Asian American STEPHANIE SOONG who spoke about her traumatic experience being sexually assaulted by an IKEA worker whilst living in Amsterdam. Originally a native San Franciscan, Soong starts her post by saying how going to Europe and living there was a dream come true for her. She sold all her furniture in San Francisco and packed up and moved to Amsterdam. When she found where she was living she went to IKEA and bought stuff to furnish her place, this was when the incident happened. Here is what happened in her own words:

Within two days, I landed an apartment and immediately went to IKEA Amsterdam to order all my furniture. On the third day, things immediately spiraled downhill.

A 4-man IKEA delivery team came to my apartment. I had let them in so they could bring in all the heavy furniture. I noticed that 4 important items were missing. The IKEA boss said he’d come back in the evening to deliver the rest of the goods. Within 20 min, the boss was honking and yelling loudly outside my apartment. His partner, let’s call him “D” (who also is an IKEA employee), was downstairs with my 4 items.

I let D in the apartment as per usual because the items were heavy. After dropping them off, he immediately yelled through the window to his boss and told him to drive away so that he could be alone with me. The boss drove away fully aware he was leaving his colleague alone in an apartment with me.

Immediately, I became so scared and freaked out. D was way bigger and much stronger than I. D walked up very close to my face and proceeded to squeeze-massage my left bicep moving up and down, then my right one, then moved down to my thigh, slowly moving upward to my upper thigh towards my butt; all while saying, “You have such a nice body. Your body SO niceee..” After he finished, he asked me for my phone number to go on a date. Then he asked me if I wanted a massage. And after many refusals and “NO!”s, he asked if he could give me a special massage, then stuck his tongue out, flickered it up and down multiple times, all while looking at my vagina. My body went into full-shock when I realized he was insinuating he wanted to eat me out by “massaging” my vagina with his tongue!

After kicking him out, I curled up in a ball on the apartment floor and started crying.

So reading this how can you not think what a fucking and sick POS? That IKEA worker is a predator and has gotten away Scot free. Soong was obviously traumatized and contacted IKEA who really acted like they didn’t give a shit, pretty much telling her that she had no legal standing. Here are some of the responses Soong wrote in her post:

-Male IKEA Customer Service representative #1: “Sorry, I do not handle these complaints.”

-Male IKEA Customer Service representative #2: “You really need to calm down.”

-Male IKEA Corporate Headquarters Representative: “As a global organization present in 29 countries, we already have clear policies and business processes in place which we monitor and review closely on a continuous basis. We trust this to be sufficient.”

-Male IKEA Corporate Headquarters representative: According to Dutch law, since you have no legal case for what has happened, we will not compensate you. We are very sorry this has happened though. Here is a dinner for two to make things right for you.

Soong also reported the incident to Dutch police who pretty much told her that she has no legal standing as she had no physical proof. So where does this leave Soong? Well nowhere – she is now left at a vulnerable state and is scared to leave her house just in case that IKEA predator is still around. And what the fuck is IKEA doing? FUCKING NOTHING and trying to sweep it all under the rug. IKEA needs to act and investigate this and fire the worker. The predator invaded Soong’s personal space and her safety and he now gets away with it.

What can we do? We can pressure IKEA en-mass via social media to have them do something and at least investigate what happened. If I had my way this fucking POS predator would be fired immediately. This is where we Asian women and women as a whole get disrespected by men who feel they own the world – misogynistic and pure toxic masculinity.