Don’t want to bring things down too much, but death’s been on my mind recently–last week, we lost two people who were connected to YOMYOMF in their own ways. One of the workers in the real estate office next to our YOMYOMF office passed away of an unexpected heart attack as did Cira Felina Bolla (from cancer) who was the DP on my fellow Offender Alfredo’s YOMYOMF Network series REALITY REBOOT. I didn’t know either particularly well, but both were young and seemed to be full of life so it was shocking to hear about those losses.

Of course, we all have suffered similar losses and know all too well that death can come unexpectedly but things like this really remind you of that. It makes you aware of your own mortality and that of those around you and, at least for me, makes me think of all the things I’ve always wanted to do, but seem to never get around to i.e. the bucket list.

I don’t really have grand ambitions on my bucket list–i.e. things like climbing Mount Everest–for me, what I want is pretty simple: to be able to comfortably do what I love to do, be around good friends and family and to support them, etc… But the one thing I have always been saying I want to do is take my parents on regular vacations. We used to do family vacations all the time when I was growing up, but I have to say it’s been a long time since we’ve all been together that way. And as my parents are getting on in years, doesn’t make sense to keep putting it off so I think this summer, will make that happen. Perhaps we finally do that Alaskan cruise or the tour of Machu Picchu we’ve been talking about.

What about everyone else? What’s on your bucket list?

ALFREDO: That is a very sweet item on your list Phil – DO IT! As for me…hmm…let’s see…learn to play the stand up bass (oboe?) just well enough to strum along with Echo and the Bunnymen’s “Never Stop.” Go to a matinee where one of my films is playing (that means one of me feature scripts needs to get produced). Score a goal in soccer – if not for Real Madrid, then maybe for a middle aged local dad’s league. I could go on, but that would be tacky and greedy.

IRIS: I have been lucky in that I have already been able to do and see a lot of amazing things/places. One thing that was on my bucket list that was kind of disappointment when I actually did do it was to swim with dolphins. Somehow, I had imagined that the dolphins would come and play with you of their own volition, but it turned out to be nothing more than a trained-circus type act, where the dolphins had to perform tricks for the tourists and was not awe inspiring at all. If I ever try to do this again, I’ll have to find a place where the dolphins are truly in the wild.

Another thing I would like to do is go glamping. I love nature, but hate roughing it. Last year, I ran into fellow blogger Beverly at Death Valley. Fearless and amazing, she showed me her tiny pup tent that was being blown about in the freezing wind and told me how she had just washed her hair in the cold and in the dark. It reinforced even more what a non-camper I am. I enjoy hot water, private toilets and comfy beds. But I still admired and envied her connection to nature and being able to sleep under the stars at night. Now, with all the glamping establishments, I can have my cake and eat it too!


DHH: I have a few cities on my bucket list, including Istanbul and Reykjavik. Ironically, both are places I’ve been invited to at one point or another, but didn’t find time to visit, and now I regret those choices. Another, more major goal: it’d be awfully nice if I lasted long enough on this planet to experience becoming a grandfather.

ROGER: I met a guy on a cruise 6 years back. At the time he was about 90 years old. He was one of the original founders of America’s known companies. He was very wealthy and very wise. For some reason he took me under his wing a bit, always dispensing advice and life virtues. He once shared one of his deepest life regrets with me – not spending enough time with his kids when they were very young because he was too busy trying to be “successful” and make money. It went something like this…”Roger, my biggest regret in life was not spending enough time with my kids (when they were really young) when they actually wanted to spend time with me. And when I finally became successful and had the time and money to spend with them, they just didn’t want to spend time with me.”

This hit me rather deep, especially coming from someone as noteworthy and accomplished as him. So I try my best to spend as much time with my kids as I can while they still think I’m cool and actually want to hang out with me.

As for other bucket list items, they are…
1) Live in a foreign country for a few years
2) Like Phil, take regular vacations with my parents
3) Own an impractical sports car
4) Learn to cook like a real cook
5) Travel and explore the world with my kids on a regular basis

BEVERLY: Truthfully, I really want to share life with someone. I am lucky to have had the adventures I’ve had, but I really want to explore the world with someone special. I’m tired of doing it by myself.

I want to be integral to my family and make sure my parents have happy last years. I want to be there to watch and aid my nieces and nephews to adulthood.

I want to be active til I die. I want to run in Antarctica. I want to climb this particular trail in Switzerland. I want to take 2 years off and travel the world climbing and running. I want to do the PCT in one year. And travel thru Mongolia on horseback. I want to do the peace corps. I want to continue to support kids in becoming great adults. I want to help out with the Iditarod. I want to own a dog. I want to build a home from scratch. I want to do a circus show. I really want to be a circus clown. I want to get over my fear of karaoke. I want to learn photography. I want to learn Spanish. I want to grow vegetables and learn how to cook them.

I really really really want to make my parents know I love them.

And deep in my heart, I really just want my dad to walk me down the aisle before he passes. That might not happen in this lifetime, but it was and still is a childhood dream.


DAVID: In my life I usually can never hold myself to the things I need to do. There would be no check marks on my bucket list… wait… I did help make a Hollywood film, I did travel all across America, I did have lunch with a past President of the United States. I did (and still am) having a wonderful time with my family. My bucket list is being fulfilled as I’m doing them. I’m not trying to sound poetic or self-indulgent of what I’ve done… I think my bucket list is unknown because I never think I ever could have come up with this list that I would be checking off. These wonderful opportunities were all given to me unexpectedly by friends that I hold dear and I hope they keep on coming. My list you’re ask for… there is none… just a whole bunch of check marks and me just filling the description in as I do them.


EMMIE: I’d like my dad to be proud of me – for him to see my small business more successful, and to let him know that he made it possible and that I’m so grateful to him for all of his help over the years. I’d also like to create some art that he connects to. Something that I have no control over is that I wish for him to be happy.

I’d love to finally create natural-media drawings and paintings that I’m proud of. I think I’m finally having (I hope) a breakthrough with my work, and am ready to be more sincere, rather than trying to overcompensate for weaknesses. I’d also like to write more music.

Good luck to everyone on their goals!


  1. Love seeing everyone’s different perspectives on bucket list. Esther and I definitely enjoy putting lists together but know they need to be organic and always changing too! BTW, Machu Picchu is awesome and we still want to do an Alaskan Cruise too.

  2. Alaskan cruise yomyomf field trip?