One of the most interesting films to come out this year was Aneesh Chanty and Sev Ohanian‘s SEARCHING. The thriller about a father’s search for his missing daughter starred John Cho and takes place completely in front of computer screens.

SEARCHING is now available as a digital download and has been released with some extra content and one of the things we now have confirmation of is that the film has an alien invasion subplot.

If you look closely at some of the news stories that appear on the computer screens during the film, it appears that a full scale alien invasion is about to take place. Io9 has a exclusive video you can watch above and also spoke to the Ohanian, the film’s co-writer:

“Like most amazing ideas, it started off entirely as a joke,” Sev Ohanian, co-writer and producer of Searching, told io9. He explained that though the main script for Searching was only 117 pages, he and co-writer/director Aneesh Chaganty eventually realized if they wanted to do the whole movie on the computer, they’d have to create all those computer pages. And that meant writing a script that was basically 10 times as long.

“[The] joke was the idea that since we had to write a bunch of stuff anyway, maybe we could use the background of our movie to tell a completely separate plot from the main story,” Ohanian continues. “Maybe something REALLY crazy, ‘like aliens, how funny would that be?’ Aneesh laughed at the idea. After a beat, I said, ‘No, but seriously Aneesh, what if we did it for real?’ And then Aneesh laughed even harder. And then I said, ‘Yeah I think we should definitely do an alien plot in the background of Searching.’ And then Aneesh stopped laughing. I don’t think he’s laughed since.”

The biggest challenge of the whole thing was “trying to tell a massive Hollywood-style alien story using only snippets of news articles, or Facebook comments, or hashtags,” according to Ohanian. That, and make sure it fit into the timeline and main plot of Searching without taking away from it. And yet, the whole thing was handled with the same care as the rest of the movie.

Here’s an image Ohanian provided to io9 of a spreadsheet he created to track the alien plot during the film.

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