Less than a week after a Sikh man was beaten and his truck vandalized with a racist message, another Sikh man was assaulted in Manteca, California, reports the Modesto Bee. Video footage caught on Monday shows two adult males confronted Sahib Singh Natt, kicked him repeatedly, and spat on him, in what the police are investigating as an attempted robbery.

In the video, Natt, in his 70s, attempted to walk around the two men after being confronted during his daily walk, but they followed him. After being kicked and knocked to the ground, Natt got up to defend himself, at which point he was kicked down again. After his attackers began to leave, one returned to kick Natt several more times while he was still on the ground.

“As the suspects left the scene, it is believed that one may have waved a firearm in the air,” according to a news release. “The elderly man was medically treated and released from a local hospital.”

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