You may have heard that last night’s episode of THE WALKING DEAD was the last for the AMC series’ star Andrew Lincoln (but don’t worry, he’s not done with the franchise yet) and Lincoln has been making the press rounds to discuss his exit as Rick Grimes. In an interview with the New York Times, Lincoln was asked if there were any decisions that the show made which he didn’t agree with and he replied that one of those things was the death of Steven Yeun’s character Glenn.

“Because Steven Yeun was such an important part of the rhythm of my years,” Lincoln said. “If anything, it’s probably like being in a boy band — you only have each other as a reference point. And then they start taking them away from you.”

Mirroring what happened to Glenn in THE WALKING DEAD comics, the character was killed when baddie Negan violently bashed him with a baseball to the point where his eyeball popped out. Lincoln was also not a fan of that scene. “We’ve been able to terrify people in film for 100 years without having to show an eyeball,” Lincoln said. “When that happens, it diminishes what we’re trying to make, which in my mind’s eye is a family drama set in hell. It’s not a sort of B-movie gore-fest.” Lincoln also suggested that “it would be more disturbing just keeping the camera on Maggie’s face.”

You can read the full interview here and someone please convince Lincoln, Yeun and their TWD co-stars to start a boy band called Rocking Dead.