It’s bad enough that the Asian American Journalists Group came out with a list of “danger zones” when it comes to what is racist and what is not in regards to the phenomenon and man that is Jeremy Lin. It shows that the country is very unfamiliar when it comes to discussing Asian Americans. There’s been a litany of offensive remarks in the media, ranging from tiny dick jibes, unintentional headlines from ESPN, to Lin coming out of a fortune cookie on the Madison Square Garden big screen.

And yet, t-shirts like these are made even today. It’s alarming and disturbing. Even though Lin came onto to the scene only three weeks ago, it feels like an eternity, as if the world is operating within a space time vaccuum. Three weeks ago is ancient history as all the highs and lows of the Jeremy Lin journey has made such huge impacts within the Asian American community.

So, if we do posit that America is slowly learning that it’s been ignorant about Asians for over two hundred years, then how do you explain the shirt above?

SNL did a funny take on Jeremy Lin and the double standard of racism in mainstream media.
Granted, SNL jumped on the Lin bandwagon a week late, but this skit was a smart, pointed commentary at the double standard of sports media in a black and white world. Asian American athletes are such an anomaly, it’s as if everything that Jesse Owens and Jackie Robinson built moving forward has reverted back 50 years. Lin is the Asian American sambo, a cartoon character that cannot be differentiated from say, a William Hung or Long Duk Dong.

We’ve got a long road ahead….


  1. OMG..
    I really didn’t know about these issues of racism against Asian Americans and that there are so strong in the USA. It is absurd that to happen today. In a culture that preaches to other countries that this should not happen and that is as active in human rights. I am descendant of Asians and currently live in Brazil. I thought that kind of situation is happening only in countries not so developed, but apparently it happens everywhere. Do not know if it’s the same case there, but here they think and act like we aren’t getting the same rights as the rest of the population. However, we have possess the same nationality than them. All this things because we are Asians. They think that we steal their jobs, vacancies at University and so on. The same things happens with the Asians in the media, they are sometimes massacred and are still the minority. I’m starting to think this is a global problem.

  2. Asian-American athletes are an “anomaly”, but athletes of Asian descent are not. So really, there’s no excuse for the racism. Hockey and especially baseball is full of Asian athletes. Some of the greatest players in both sports are Asian.

    It’s just rare in the NBA, and in the NBA the image of the player is everything. Especially in a basketball-obsessed city like New York. It’s almost an individual sport masked as a team sport where the best players will carry their franchises to success (2 individual players have 9 Championships between them, Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan) .

    So everything written about Lin is about what he is, what his story is, and what he looks like (Asian). But you never see the same level of media attention given to individual players in other team sports like hockey (Richard Park, Paul Kariya, Bradon Yip) or baseball (Ichiro, Dice-K, Chien-Ming Wang).

  3. People better understand that there’s a LOT of white trolls pretending to be Asian, or pretending to be black and trying to stir the pot.
    These phony outrages are meant to manipulate people. Understand when someone is trying to push your buttons and turn you against someone.

  4. And TurnUptheLove, given your disgraceful comments in the Jenny Hyun thread you’re the last one to be talking about racism at all.
    I get the feeling you’re one of the aforementioned trolls I was talking about.

  5. OK I’m confused there are a much of blog by Asians with the word yellow in it. Someone send me the memo. Is hello ok or isn’t it.

  6. These past few weeks are just solid proof that Americans are officially regressing as a species. For lack of a better word, it’s just lin-sane. Nevermind his amazing athletic and intellectual prowess and the fact that Jeremy Lin has broken records in the world of porfessional basketball. Instead, let’s just focus on the fact that he’s—could this be true—ASIAN! Reality check. The motherfluffer was born in LA so I believe by those terms that might just make him AMERICAN. I know that concept is so hard to wrap our feeble minds around. I mean, how could he be American AND of Asian descent AND an NBA superstar?? But then again, this is coming from the same continent of people who elected an African American president and then squabbled over the taste level of a sock puppet monkey produced in his honor (or dishonor?) The real disenfranchisement comes from the all too horrifying fact that individuals who have reached some monumental acheivements in thier lives can’t even enjoy their moment in the sun over something they can’t even control. It’s a sad, sad world we live in and Americans are missing out on the opportunity and beauty of a multicultural country and the many amazing things EVERYONE brings to the table. Instead, let’s publically spank two teenage girls for dropping N-bombs on a YouTube video and in the same week churn up some dusgusting ice cream that’s chock full of fortune cookie bits to honor Jeremy Lin’s heritage. Because I mean, let’s face it. That’s just another thing Americans need…a racist ice cream that’s going to just make us FATTER, if anything.