The photo above is the Alamo Drafthouse staff’s Christmas card from last year. We at YOMYOMF love the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas based in Austin, TX. We’ve written about this amazing theater chain here and here. Several of Justn’s films have played there, including a great festival screening of FINISHING THE GAME at the always badasstastic Fantastic Fest. The Alamo Drafthouse founders, Tim and Karrie League, are personal friends of mine and foodie fanatics. They are part of the fanboy and cinema braintrust that has made Austin a major destination point for films and also transformed our pop culture lexicon into the new mantra that, “yes, the geeks HAVE inherited the Earth.” Cinema is their business, and they mean it. Since 1997, they’ve implemented a “no talking” policy during screenings and they fully enforce it. This has expanded to use of your cell phone, especially texting.

Well, they recently did just that with a young woman, and she was forced to leave the premises because of texting during a movie, with no refunds. She got pissed and left an angry voicemail at the Drafthouse offices, Alexandra Wallace style. And what does the staff do? Instead of forwarding it over to customer service to ruminate on her complaints and evaluate their policy, they make it into an amazing pre-show PSA. Genius! Check it out…. So be warned, pissed-off Alamo customer. Your actions may be used against you to make you look like an even bigger asshole.

(Via EW)


  1. Simply put, the best movie theater in the world.