I do not know how to react to this, except to feel sorry for the 3 Chinese women who were left stranded at South Korea Airport due to customs officials not being able to confirm their identities after they had some plastic surgery performed on them. A Chinese TV anchor Jian Huahua shared the photo on her Weibo account of the 3 Chinese women holding their passports and awaiting at South Korea Airport still bandaged after going under the knife.

According to Jian, the 3 women looks extremely different from their passport photos with customs and airport officials unable to verify their identities. They were unable to board their flight to go home and were questioned by authorities. It has not been confirmed as to whether the girls have returned to China yet or not (but I assume they have). I guess this highlights issues about going overseas to go under the knife to change your appearance. More power to anyone who decides to get plastic surgery, but I would assume that this type of identity issues will continue to happen.

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Images via Shanghaiist

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