I love following Japanese Vlogger REINA SCULLY, and have been following her Vlogs for quite awhile. Not only is she an awesome Japanese woman, but she has strong opinions which is very telling of her spirit and her outspoken personality. Recently, she made a Vlog, calling out idiot YouTuber LOGAN PAUL on his history of disrespecting Japanese people. Since she posted that video, she has received a lot of RACIST and SEXIST attacks from LOGAN PAUL fans.

Offender Philip recently wrote about this and added some of the statements his fans attacked her with:

“Ching Chang Chung. Shut the fuck up you suicide faggots. Let the japs kill themselves … LOGANG for LIFE.”

“You bitch you don’t have the right to talk about him, you fucking peaces of shit you are just using his name for clickbait fuck you bitch.”

You would think that after these spate of attacks that would be it. Well you are wrong. It also now appears that fellow Asians have attacked Reina Scully, particularly some of her fellow Japanese people. She tweeted a few days back about this and how she was even told by a Japanese person:

“You are not even Japanese”.

Its very sad that when an Asian woman, who has a huge profile and following is subjected to this racial and sexist abuse 2 fold. Generally, this is expected from RACIST white and non Asian peeps, but its so much more hurtful when it comes from your own fellow Asians. Having researched online I have seen how her looks have been attacked ( how she has dyed her hair blonde) and of course her dating choices have been put under the knife (she is apparently married to a white guy). What people forget is that she is full Japanese – she states she grew up in the US with her family ( and she has a Green Card), hence she has fluent English – but she is full Japanese by culture and origin. Her message was talking about how RACIST and disrespectful LOGAN PAUL was, but all that has been lost with people focusing on petty things.

It is sad because she is a great representation for Asians and Asian women – if we are to fight against racial oppression we must unite and not divide. I will leave it here, but please feel free to let us know what y’all think.