In many ways I am excited to see the significance of English slowly dissipate into oblivion. With such a globalized society these kind of statistics will definitely occur. A new book (anthology)  titled Multilingual Sydney maps out the cultural diversity in Sydney. One of its focuses is language. A major statistic coming out from it is that the number of people in Sydney speaking Mandarin has increased by 71% between 2011 – 2016. A reason attributed to this is the growth of Chinese international students coming to study in Sydney between 2011 – 2016. 

This reason is supported by Macquarie University’s DR ALICE CHIK,  one of the book’s co-editors who spoke to SBS News Australia:

“That could account for the significant growth,”

Here are more stats from the book (via SBS News Australia):

* Indian languages are the fastest growing group in Sydney, and according to the NSW Department of Education material, 46,357 students in both primary and secondary schools in Sydney identify as being from “Indian languages group”;

* 35.8% of Sydney siders speak a language other than English;
* Between 2011 -2016 Mandarin speakers grew 71% becoming the most commonly spoken after English;

There are other results which are categorized in Sydney suburbs and regions, but you can check that out yourself. The writing on the wall is that Sydney is changing whether people like it or not. This is also probably a reason why the RACISM is so rampant in Sydney ( which has been voted as one of the most RACIST cities in Australia). These facts will definitely trigger the RACISTS and white supremacists who are scared that white anglo culture is becoming a lost cause ( we know it is and thank God for that) in Sydney, but you know what? They can suck it up as far as I am concerned! Please check out the article!

Images via SBS News

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