After his controversial departure from CBS hit Hawaii Five-0, actor Daniel Dae Kim has fallen into the role of being the poster child of the racial inequities that exist in the world’s entertainment capitol, whether it be in casting or in Hollywood’s creative decision-making process.

In his latest Q&A with The Hollywood Reporter, he touches on his successful series produced by his production company The Good Doctor and how it has become a vehicle for his beliefs; and his role as Hellboy’s Major Ben Daimo, the first Asian American comic book superhero to be depicted on the big screen.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Kim about what it means to play an Asian American superhero, his goals as a producer, and the aftermath of his taking a stand on salary parity

“I … think it’s really important that all of us do something to participate. It’s easy to point fingers and say well, it’s because of this, that. To get involved in the nitty-gritty is sometimes a daunting task, but a necessary one.

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