I have seen the picture of this billboard do the rounds in Asian and POC groups. At first glance it seems innocent as it is an awareness campaign for eradicating Hep B but put your critical thinking skills hat on and you will pinpoint the major problem in the vision of this – yep there are no white faces in the pictures – they are all either Asian or other POC faces indirectly stating that only Asians and POC Australians can contract Hepatitis B. In actual fact I think the HepB organisation in Australia was trying to show diversity but in this case it backfires because it sends quite a negative message about Asians and POC in Australia.

In addition it is also insinuating that Asians and POC Aussies are less “privileged” than white Aussies in terms of health hence why there is no “white” representation on this billboard.

A quick skim through the hepb.org.au website where this billboard originates from shows the same problem, with maybe one face which looks remotely “white” but I would say is more Eastern European looking.

I wonder wtf of a message is this organisation trying to send???

Let us know what you think…