Hi there Michelle Branch!┬áSince Offender Anderson wrote last week about the 15th anniversary of your album “The Spirit Room” and also about his love for karaoke, I recorded two of my karaoke pals singing your song “All You Wanted” last weekend at our local karaoke bar in Berkeley, California. This video features Jai Sahai (Los Angeles-based actor and musician), Victoria Sepe (singer and sometimes-Jessica Jones-co-blogger), and Chelsea Rathkamp as the melancholy woman with cool hair. The vid is also part of my Youtube channel at KaraokeRhapsody.com, which features a reality series and short videos on karaoke culture as well as just a whole bunch of people doing karaoke. I’ll just write the word “karaoke” one more time, to get the point across. #Karaoke.

We also recorded “Game of Love” which, okay, is not technically on The Spirit Room album, but another one of our favorite tunes of yours, and I’ll post that one later this week. This was a lot of fun to make, and it was a thrill to relive the songs — Thank you.


  1. You should invite Anderson to be a part of this.