Hey, some Asian American peeps want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. (Updated throughout the day)

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Happy turkey day to you guys! I Found the thanksgiving menu from my family’s old restaurant, Lum’s on Northern Blvd. It was founded by my great-great-grandpa Jimmy Lum, who came to the US in the 1940s through a loophole in the Chinese Exclusion Act. He slept on concrete floors and worked in kitchens and laundromats from the Bronx to Manhattan, without a penny to his name. But by what can only be described as the dankest hustle mentality ever, my great-great-grandpa managed to open his own restaurant: the first and most well-known Chinese-American joint in the five boroughs. Moving into the 1960s, and with JFK newly in office – the Chinese Exclusion Act was lifted, and Jimmy Lum was able to bring my grandma, Grandpa and Lil ones to the US. To this day, I meet people who remember Lum’s, and it makes me proud that his legacy is still remembered. Thanksgiving (while historically and politically kind of fucked up…) is an American tradition and an amazing excuse to eat a Christmas ham and drink Mikes hard lemonade. But this year, I wanted to give thanks to my great-great-grandpa, a true self-made man who beat out the odds. Thank you for bringing us to New York City. #happythanksgivng

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So much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy #SWAT Thursday! 🧡🍂🦃

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Thankful for her. Happy Thanksgiving. 💖 💖

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waitin on thanksgiving turkey like

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Thankful for these lip fillers I got myself for #thanksgiving 🙏🏻 @nanomama12

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Thankful for today, yesterday and tomorrow. Screw every other day! Haha JK. I am grateful everyday to be where I am at in my life. The idea of the holidays always scared me because it’s that time when work calms and those personal year-end reflections start to surface. To me, being present with family and friends and cherishing them is really what matters at the end of the day. Thankful for all of you and hope you are relaxing, tying up any loose ends with love and compassion. Looking forward to eating leftover apple cobbler pie along with some oh-so-real-humble pie (the latter can be bitter sometimes) Also can’t wait to take these pineapples and put them on my pizza tonight…🙃 Happy Thanksgiving weekend y’all!

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😂 👍 ❤️ #twd #thewalkingdead #twdfamily

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