As most of you know, Fast & Furious 6 is my farewell to the franchise. As a way to say farewell and have closure, I did one final twitter Q&A earlier this week and wanted to share the questions and responses below.

(UPDATE: If you want to read more about FF6, here are some interesting articles: Coming Soon, Nerdist, Huffington Post, NPR, Slashfilm, Hitflix, Latino Review)


  1. Do a sci-fi project next, Justin. Maybe Warner Bros. will let you make Batman Beyond Asian. Congrats on your run on FF!

  2. Good luck Justin on your future plans. I enjoyed Fast and Furious 6, Yeah it was over the top, but I guess that is why we go to the movies to escape reality. You have accomplished a lot in the film industry and now I hope you can focus on starting your family as I see in that picture 🙂

  3. i saw in you tube that FF7 will pick up where FF6 ended , There is this interview with vin Dieseland he said that FF7 will start in the middle east …

  4. Han and Gisele Alive?? pls tell me -_-

  5. Amazing works Justin, you changed the world, gave a new orientation, new perspective and gained some money. Do you feel lucky or a hard working men ?

  6. I know that you aren’t going to do FF7, but can you help james wan with ideas? Afraid that new films lose great magic (nothing against james) 😉

  7. Hi Justin, Love the FF series but always think about small details which shouldn’t have been ignored in any of FF installments.

    Any real driver will never use automatic cars for precision driving, and most of the FF series always used automatic cars

    In FF 6, chargers will never be able to pull that much load, there should be some highly modified pickup trucks with diesel engines and heavy torque