Our world is a mix of people of different nationalities and origin, where a great part comes to Asians. The US is not an exception to the rule: the number of Asian-American is rapidly growing. What are the most common features of Asian students? What are their strong points and weaknesses?

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However, if you are looking for some basic facts about Asian people, our handy tips will help you to know your students better and teach them much more effectively Differences Between iPhone X and iPhone 8

Wikipedia Asian-Americans are usually passive. The learning strategies of Asians differ greatly from the Western students. While western students usually prefer to talk and discuss any issues, Asians prefer listening. They are absolutely critical and analytical with the highest passion to study. Asians will never ask any questions before they completely understood the subject of learning. They usually respect their teachers and are unlikely to damage the tutor’s reputation in any way.

Lack of confidence. Lack of self-confidence is another common feature of most Asians. No matter how excellent and fluent their English is, they still hesitate on their knowledge of foreign language. However, most of Asians feel more relaxed and are less passive in small groups that contain their fellow countrymen.

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Prefer lectures rather than independent learning. Asian students require more attention than Western students; they expect to have exact tasks, read exact books on exact pages and so on. Since they are hailing from collectivistic cultures, they are not prepared to take all the responsibility for their learning. The most common issue of most Asian-Americans is to study on how to learn independently amzone.

Absolutely focused on grades. According to Asian culture, education is considered to be the best for children. Thousands of parents pay all their lifetime savings to educate their teens. Thus, Asian students are often keen on grades, making them brilliant students with outstanding educational performance.

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They often don’t take part in any social events and holidays. Being exceptionally grades-oriented, Asians often miss any possibility to relax. Their main aim is to have the best marks possible and to get even deeper knowledge of their subjects due to the enormous financial pressure.

How Can You Help Asian-Americans to Adapt to the Learning Process?

First of all, give as more details on aspects and spheres of self-education tasks as possible. Second, tell them about plagiarism, one of the most common frauds of Asian students. The matter is that they often find the author’s English to be better than their own and copy information from the respected sources.

Although Asian-American students might face some difficulties during their studies, they often become the group leaders. Being brave and curious, they are always exceptionally respectful and thankful for both knowledge and experience you offer ‎Related articles.