In celebration of Halloween and the month of October, the YOMYOMF Network on YouTube will present a special anthology of horror short films directed by some of Asia’s top horror directors. The hand-picked directors will be crafting eerie tales influenced by urban legends, local ghost stories, and ancient traditions that make the Asian horror genre a prominent staple in modern cinema, yet translate universally through the horror genre. Entitled SILENT TERROR, this special series will have a common thread that creates an interesting obstacle for each director to tell their scary tale: no dialogue.

The second episode, DOUBLE from Malaysian director Woo Ming Jin, was just posted. You can view it, as well as other SILENT TERROR episodes here. Or, watch it right now:

1. How did you come up with the concept for DOUBLE?

The idea for the film came up while my producer and I were watching Kubrick’s THE SHINING. I wanted to make an existential horror film that played within the genre conventions but with a little difference. Most horror films are shot at night or in darkness. I wanted to make a film whose primary color was white, and in daylight. So we conceived the idea of a girl living in a strange house with her mother, whom she wanted to kill. I see DOUBLE as a meta-existential horror film. I guess I wanted to have some fun.

2. Was there any difficulty in the planning and execution of this film?

Just the usual stuff. We wanted to cast 2 actresses who sort of looked alike, so one could play an older version of the other. Outside of that, the filming went pretty smoothly as it was contained a few sets.

3. What horror films inspired you when you were growing up?

Definitely THE EXORCIST, and some B movies like THE FOG and THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN. I saw them when i was very young and it traumatized me for a long time, but I guess that meant the movies were effective.

4. You’re known for your arthouse films that have premiered at prestigious film festivals like Cannes and Venice. Why move forward to more genre fare?

I’m interested in cinema as a whole. I know I’m known for artier films, but I’m interested in exploring other genres, particularly the thriller/horror genres. I’ve always had a fascination with slasher and monster flicks, it’s sort of my guilty pleasure. Well, I like watching those kind of movies, and as a filmmaker, why not try to make them?

5. What do you think is the state of Asian horror films, especially coming out of Malaysia?

We have many, many horror films coming out of the country, too many in fact. I think it’s time for our country to make higher quality films rather than just glut the market with similar looking content. I’ll do my part in that regard.

About Woo Ming Jin

Woo Ming Jin is an award winning director from Malaysia, with his films debuting in some of the most prominent film festivals in the world. His first film MONDAY MORNING GLORY (2005) screened at the Berlin Forum and Locarno Film Festival, while his second, ELEPHANT AND THE SEA (2007), won awards in Torino, Cinema Digital Seoul, Portugal and Spain. THE TIGER FACTORY (2010), only the third film in Malaysian history to be selected to the Cannes Film Festival, premiered at the Director’s Fortnight.


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