22 Days of Cultivation
22 Days of Cultivation

The act of cultivation is in essence the act of nurturing.  Whether it be roses, vegetables, fruit trees, or a Chi Pet, bringing forth life and guiding it to independence can be one of life’s greatest rewards.  For the past 22 days, I have been cultivating a mustache.  Though I began this journey with the simple fascination that I could finally produce a 1/2 decent looking mustache, the sheer act of nurturing and cultivating my facial hair has provided a deeper sense of reward and satisfaction that can only be equaled to watching a baby calf being born and it’s mother licking it clean.  Yesterday, I gave it it’s first pruning…i used nose hair scissors due to my lack of proper tools.  Today, I will go out and find a mustache brush as well as mustache wax to create a more groomed and well-trimmed look as well as a healthier shine.  Very, very excited.


  1. Sir, I applaud your mustache growing ability. I’ve tried growing a mustache but I just end up looking like Fu Manchu. I guess it’s the baby faced look for me.

  2. Moustaches RULE!!

  3. I’m jealous, for some reason I’m missing the hair right underneath my nose. What a glorious mustache roger. Glorious.